BoA software :

Prices without taxes (VAT 20 % in France)

Educational version

To get the educational price, you need to provide a supporting document (copy of student card, copy of a school certificate, etc.). The document can be sent by postal mail or by email.

Prices without taxes (VAT 19,60 % in France)


To get the update price instead of the full price, you need to provide a copy of the invoice and the serial number of your old licence of BoA. These informations can be sent by postal mail or by email.


In case of loss or damage to the dongle, it can be replaced at the prices below :


For a sale in France, the invoice include a VAT amount of 20% above the price net of tax.

Sales in other countries are duty free.

Since the first january 2014, VAT rates in France have been modified.
The VAT rate which applies to the BoA software is now 20%.

For the sales net of tax (purchaser located out of France), it is necessary to indicate the VAT number of VAT at the command.

Terms of payment

There are three possible ways of payment :


The shipping is done by registered letter.

Information: prices of the previous versions of BoA

Prices without taxes for a first licence:

These versions are no longer in sale. Only the lastest version can be sold.
To get an older version (for an old computer for instance), please contact us.