File types used by BoA

BoA files

Any project done with BoA is saved as one or several BoA files. The file format can evolve from an older version of BoA to a new one, from an older update to the next one. Each version of BoA is able to read files written with older versions, including files written with the very first version BoA 1.0. 
In the other way, an old version of BoA is still able to read a file written with a newer version. This situation can occur if a user has not yet upgraded his version of BoA and receives a file from another user who uses the latest available version of BoA. In this situation, trying to read a file of a format newer than the version of BoA used to read it may lead to a partial reading. For example BoA 3.0 is able to load a file written by BoA 4.3 . However if the BoA 4.3 file include a references to a PDF, the PDF will not be displayed by BoA 3.0.


DXF and DWG formats are used by default as standard file format exchange between different CAD software. These formats are frequently updated, leading to the existence of a lot of different variants of DXF and DWG. Every version of BoA contains some DXF and DWG export and import functions.

In BoA 4.3 the current version of BoA, the supported formats are :

Importing a DXF or a DWG file is done without specifying its file format version. BoA directly recognizes the file format if it is supported. 
To export a file, the user can choose the export version. The user can also chose between metric units and imperial units.

Reading and converting Architrion files

BoA recognize all Architrion files until Architrion 5.8 and 5.9. The recognized files are the 2D files, the 3D files and the library files (frames, 2D accessories, 3D accessories).
The type of the Architrion file is automatically recognized at the opening of the file. The objects stored in an Architrion file are different from the ones of a BoA file. Consequently an "Architrion import manager" allows the user to select the types of imported items and the corresponding parameters.

VRML Export

The VRML format (Virtual reality modeling) is a 3D format used to display a 3D file in a web browser. BoA files can be exported in VRML.

Bitmap picture export

A BoA function allows the user to export a bitmap picture from the current window.
Furthermore it is also possible to make a screen shot by one of the commands "Command shift 3" or "Command shift 4". These commands are standard commands on Mac OS X.

Mini quantifier files

A mini quantifier is available in BoA. This feature is used to export the numerical data of a 3D project. Numerical datas are exported as a text file for use in a word processor or a spreadsheet.

Displaying a PDF file

A Layout sheet (MEP) may use PDF files in order to display them on screen or print them. Using this kind of file allows the user to display any document in a layout sheet. This is done by simply converting the document into a PDF and then use the PDF in the BoA Layout sheet. This operation (converting a document into a PDF file) is a standard command on Mac OS X, available from the print dialog.

Export to PDF

A 2D view of a BoA file can be created as a PDF file by using the print command.

Displaying a JPG file

A Layout sheet (MEP) may use jpg files in order to display them on screen or print them. Such a JPG file can be produced by an image processing software or coming directly from a camera or a scanner.

Other imported or exported files

BoA uses some other file types for specific uses :